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Worldwide Digital eSim

Going on a trip? Don't forget your eSIM! eSIMs are the latest and greatest in mobile connectivity, offering a number of advantages over traditional SIM cards.

With an eSIM, you can simply download and activate a new mobile plan anytime, anywhere.

You can use your existing phone number with an eSIM, so you won't have to worry about giving out your new number to everyone.

You can store multiple eSIMs on your phone and switch between them as needed.

  • Save money on roaming charges
  • No need to swap SIM cards
  • Keep your original phone number
  • Use multiple mobile plans

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Why Ticket Planet

Our Great Flight Options

PreBooked Baggage

Pre-Book Your Baggage

  • Pre-book your baggage
  • Allowance now and save up
  • 90% of baggage charges
Seat/Eat Reservations

Reserve preferred seat!

  • What will it be, window or aisle?
  • Select your preferred seat
  • Prior Eating Reservation
Ticket Modifications

Enjoy stress-free travel

  • Return, Rescheduling, Refund options
  • Covered for flight modification
  • Cancellation, accident & medical
Travel Insurance

Global Travel Insurance

  • Worldwide travel insuarnce?
  • Safe and comfortabel travel experience
  • Insurance from the most reliable global partners

Roaming Free Internet!

  • Roaming free internet worldwide
  • 24 hours high speed connectivity
  • 1 click Renewal

Business/tour Visas

  • Business tour visa
  • Tours visas
  • Group visas