Terms & Booking Conditions

At the time of making a reservation and deciding to purchase flight(s), you pledge that you are authorized to accept and do accept, on behalf of all passengers, the terms and conditions of making a reservation with us and agree to the booking conditions of any airline/contract principal whereby flightsmanager is acting as an agent. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you take time to thoroughly go through the terms and conditions applicable to all reservations made with and payments made to flightsmanager, as stated below.

The following terms and conditions are applicable on all bookings for a flights only – please read thoroughly OR contact our personnel to discuss/answer your questions the about any ambiguity.

Please make note that the following terms & booking conditions are specific to flightsmanager’s company policy and in certain cases, suppliers (airlines) additional terms may also be applicable as / when advised by your booking agent.

Goods/Services (flight tickets) purchased and facilitated via flightsmanager websites may also be subject to further specific terms and conditions linked with such goods/services (flight tickets) as well as, without limitation, terms, and conditions involving price revisions resulting from tax/contract variation/changes in case of bookings made against deposits and balance payment is awaited. Clients are cautioned to read additional terms contained within the product (flight tickets) description in the email as well as on this website.

Modifications of Terms

The terms and conditions on this page may be modified as deemed necessary at any time without prior notice. The new and revised terms and conditions shall become effective once posted on the Website, and will not have any retrospective effect on existing contractual arrangements.

SECTION A – All bookings


Reservations shall be made over telephone, in person, online or by mail without any obligation.

Reservation is followed by confirmatory email from consultant to the traveler (provided that the correct email address is given in time). The confirmatory email contains detailed traveler information, schedule, payment, company contact and terms & conditions.

Flight Reservation / schedule and details have to be communicated by clients for errors/omissions in written (where applicable) within 24 hours of reservation. It should also be communicated, if the details are correct (unless otherwise advised by agent).

For reservations made over the Internet, full payment is normally required at time of reservation unless specifically stated in the booking process.

In cases where full payment is not made at the time of purchase, THE MINIMAL DEPOSIT PAYABLE IS 50 GBP. The initial deposit is non-refundable and is required within 24 hours of reservation to ensure Travel Consultancy services and maintain seat Reservation.

Tickets are only issued once agreed, replied, or confirmed by the traveler. Issued tickets are non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable (unless specified).

E-Tickets (Electronic Tickets) are issued and sent via email once full payment is made before deadline / ticket time limit / expiry and after schedule/itinerary is confirmed by traveler in written and any/all document (in case of third party card) are provided.

In cases, where no email address is provided, the traveler may visit the office in person to collect tickets or request tickets in post (mailing/post may take less/more than 72 working hours).

The confirmatory email sent after telephonic / online reservation and payment is “not a proposal ” and signifies that the buyer and the seller ” are in contract ” as stated in the email, at details and cost as provided and agreed between both parties. However, a traveler may request corrections (if any) in response to the email asap / same day.

After the initial deposit, the traveler can continue making part payments weekly / monthly or make the full remaining payment at the given date / before deadline.

There will be no contract between the seller and the buyer until the card is charged or payment is made. In cases where wrong card / payment information is provided or card declined or third-party card forgery/fraud is suspected, no contract will apply.

All or any call may be recorded for quality purposes. Customer feedbacks, survey information or communication may also be used for marketing, public information or where required. However, customer personal information / payment details are only discussed with the customer him/herself (if adult or guardian).

In case of technical errors in online reservation, considering that to be systematic in nature, no contract will exist between you and flightsmanager. While in case of Phonetic errors, the Verification Officer may utilize all sources and take a decision in the best interest of the traveler and the organization.

The company may require / demand all third-party card verification documents where any traveler has a different name than that given on the card, or where a friend / company or family is making payment for or on behalf of a traveler. The third-party card documents are strictly required for your financial security and to protect our customers from misuse of lost/stolen cards through online / phone reservations. Any third party using a card on different name is required to abide by the third-party terms and conditions as communicated through the concerned agent / consultant at the time of reservation/payment/use of third party card. *A traveler who fails to provide all third-party card documents / bank verifications timely will be charged of cancellation OR tickets will not be issued if the verification Officer (flightsmanager) is not satisfied with the documents / evidence provided.

For Adult travelers, travel information / details will only be communicated, discussed or responded to the traveler her/himself. Parents/ Guardians can discuss the travel details of Infant / Child / minors / Senior Citizen (above 60) / Special or disable persons, provided that the reservation is made by parent / guardian directly.

The deposit is deducted from the total ticket cost i.e. the first Deposit is also a part of payment towards total ticket cost. Upon final payment, the flight schedule and price as applicable/available on date of full payment/confirmation is resend/communicated to the traveler for reconfirmation/difference payment prior ticket issuance.

In case if schedules/flight details/price are rejected or objection by the traveler after purchase and before tickets issuance (at the time of 1st confirmatory email), considering if there is a valid reason, the travel consultant will provide/inform any/all alternate flight options to best suit traveler “s priorities. However, some flights/reservations may not be transferable or changeable depending on airline / destination and cancellation charge may apply.

For regular or Deposit reservations, if at the time of ticket issuance, the airline schedule is changed/revised or if the airline is no more available/operating, or in case if any currency fluctuation, tax or fare difference has occurred during the course or applicable, the traveler will be notified. In such cases, (if required) alternate flight options will also be offered and payment can be adjusted in new flights at fare/cost difference as applicable and payable by the traveler. Fares, Taxes or any charges may be revised by airline or governing body at any instance unless the tickets are confirmed in writing, documents provided, fully paid for and issued same day.

In case of late payments, part payments, deposit reservations, late schedule confirmations, late third-party card document submission, airline policy change, fare/tax revision etc. the availability of fares is inductive and confirmed on full payment, at same day of ticket issuance.

A secondary Schedule verification may also be sent at the time or prior ticket Issuance, if required. Any/all matters related to cost / schedule/name/transits should be settled before ticket issuance and the agency will not be liable / accountable once the business is over between the seller and the buyer and the product (ticket/accommodation voucher) is delivered.

Cancellation will be charged if change factors are external (other than flightsmanager itself) or if the Flights are cancelled by traveler her/himself on free will or other reasons. The cancellation charges before ticket issuance are those as stated in company policy, while cancellation charged after ticket issuance is as stated in airline policy (For exact amount of cancellation please contact your concerned agent/consultant). *Reservations can also be entirely non-refundable in case of most economy or special promotional fares depending on individual airline policy and destination, please recheck before applying cancellation.

The balance of your reservation should be paid before the given deadline / ticket expiry date. Please note we do not send reminders. If the balance is not paid by said date we reserve the right to cancel your reservation, retain your deposit

All Flight schedules / departures / returns / accommodation check in / etc. should always be reconfirmed all onward and return reservations with the relevant airline/supplier at least 72 hours prior to departure.

For matters concerning flight services, airports, dissatisfaction with carrier/accommodation, flight delays, in-flight services, onboard operations, flight cancellations, airline suspension, in-flight food / entertainment, etc. Airlines/hotels are directly responsible/accountable and should be contacted directly for immediate problem solving / claim or complain. flightsmanager is not liable for Accommodation/hotel or Airline “s services, policy, operations or standards.

Matters related to Visa, Transit, Passport, or Travel Document must be checked with the concerned consulate / embassy prior travel / reservation. flightsmanager does not bear any responsibility for providing, assisting, or advising valid travel documents / transit / visa or appropriate passport for entry clearance.

For problem solving or customer care please feel free to contact the designated managers in each section/unit, or the central customer services department at info@ticketplanet.com.pk. In case where foul language is used or racial discrimination / harassment or disrespectful comments are made by the traveler/caller, the employs reserve the right to terminate the communication politely and immediately, (disciplinary action may follow). Complains about staff / employ performance, behavior, professionalism or skills can also be launched at info@ticketplanet.com.pk. All complaints are supervised and action by an independent unit at the earliest possibility.

Step one:

Talk directly to the person who processed your booking or whom you are not satisfied with.

Step two:

(Informal stage 1) If your concern is not resolved, seek help from a supervisor of the agent you dealt with in finding the best way to progress your concerns.

Step three:

(Informal stage two) if the matter is not resolved, put your case in writing through our mail info@ticketplanet.com.pk.

Step four:

(Formal) If the matter is still unresolved, write to the customer services manager at info@ticketplanet.com.pk

Step five:

(Escalation Stage) If you are still unhappy, kindly send your concerns to the Manager Operations at info@ticketplanet.com.pk.

The only language in which the contract can be concluded in English.

Mode of Reservations

Reservations can be made in any of the following modes however all terms apply without regards to the mode of reservation (except in person)


Online reservations are directly made, selected, and reserved by the traveler in central reservation system (online booking engine) and s/he is responsible for selecting appropriate, correct and required flight timings / schedule or other information. However, assistance is provided where there is an inappropriate or short time interval selected by the traveler or where the traveler required any changes in the selected reservation considering if it is permitted in the terms and conditions of the selected carrier / airline etc.

In cases where a traveler sends a “Flight Order” or “Inquiry email” after visiting the web site / search engine, an agent / travel consultant will call/email or contact the inquirer to provide with available flight/accommodation options for reservation exactly or in accordance with the submitted flight order.

Upon completion of an online reservation, an auto response is sent with schedule details.

Once the payment is charged, there is a secondary email from an agent / travel consultant to recheck all travel / payment details to you. The secondary email must be replied before deadline and tickets are issued as confirmed by the secondary email.

Full payment is normally required at time of booking unless specifically stated in the booking process

Once email of reservation is checked and replied by the traveler and all instructions as laid out in the email are followed, E-tickets are issued and e-mailed the same day or ASAP of confirmation.

In the unlikely event of an administrative error resulting in an incorrect price being displayed, we reserve the right to correct the price. In these circumstances, you will not be bound to continue with your purchase, cancellation may not be charged, no contract will apply and you will be asked to email us to confirm the action.


Telephonic reservations are responded by available/on duty consultants. The traveler / caller may inquire prices / details / schedules or make a reservation over the phone. In Telephonic reservation, the caller must take and note the agent / travel consultant name and direct line for later contact/reference directly with the concerned agent.

All payment modes (card / cash / bank payment / transfer / deposit payment) are available for Telephonic reservation. The caller may give her/his payment / card details over the phone in order for the agent to create and complete her/his reservation in the central reservation system. (Invoices are available and can be demanded).

The telephonic reservation is followed by a confirmatory email that is only for rechecking purpose and contains all information / pricing and itinerary of booked flights / accommodation. All terms apply as stated in the confirmatory email and / or at the company website.

The instructions as laid out in the confirmatory email must be followed to receive E-tickets timely.

In case where the concerned agent is not available to attend the call or respond to the message or where there is urgency or where the ticket time limit is due to expire, the callers should contact the manager of the section/agent.


You are welcomed to visit our office in person to make flight/accommodation reservations, payments, or collection of tickets.

In the case where a person has inquired a flight over the phone initially and prefers to pay in person or collect tickets in person, it is highly recommended to call us before a visit in order for us to keep your travel documents/itinerary or tickets ready for collection.

Type of Reservations

All clauses, terms, and conditions as stated in this document apply to any or all kinds or purchase made through or form us.


Online Flight reservations, Telephonic Flight reservation, In-person Flight reservations or reservation on email are all entertained and provided by us.

One-way flight tickets, return flight tickets, group reservation, economy or business class flight reservations are also bookable with us.

Flights leaving from any airport, the UK or outside the UK or worldwide can be booked from us, in currency and rate as applicable in the UK as on a date of final payment and issuance.

Modes of Payments

We offer comfortable, convenient and speedy modes of payment for timely reservation and ticketing. Also, our financial security Policy (refer 4.1.6) is specially designed to ensure a safe and trustworthy online payment and confirmation system.


Using a card is the most commonly used mode of payment in online and telephonic reservations.


We accept Debit and Maestro Cards.

There is 0.5% surcharge on Debit card payments.


Credit Cards are acceptable as a form of payment.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and Diners Club.

There is a 3% surcharge on such payments, except for American Express and Diners Club Cards which will incur a 4% surcharge.


One may make cash payment in person or through transfer or deposit in bank. It is the quickest mode of payment for same day / urgent reservations. However, we do not accept cash payments through postal a mail.


Travelers may make a cash payment in our office, however; we strongly recommend one should call prior arrival for us to keep ticket / voucher and reservation in order.


Traveler may deposit Cash in any Barclay’s bank branch (please call and ask our travel agents for company bank account number / details). There is a 0.85% charge on cash payments per 100 GBP.

When making a Cash deposit please quote your booking reference number or your full name and make a notification call to your agent once you have paid in a bank.

Please quote your booking number and name every time you send a payment. Personal/Company Cheques &Amp; Bank Drafts

Personal or Company Cheques are to be made payable to “flightsmanager”

Please note we require ten working days for cheque clearance before tickets can be issued.

Should insufficient time be available to allow this, we can arrange special clearance with our bank at an additional cost of £15.

We are unable to accept foreign currency cheques.


In case of cheque bounce or failure of any kind (penalty apply), the traveler may be asked to deposit cash in our Bank account or use other modes of payment to continue reservation on an immediate basis. Please note delays in process or mode of payment type can affect total cost and differentials (if any) will be payable by the traveler at the time of issuance.

Once the payment is confirmed in our account, all flight details/pricing will be rechecked for any schedule revision/fare difference (if any) prior issuance and traveler will be informed in case of any changes.

Bank & Building Society Drafts will be accepted and treated as cash as long as they are received when the issuing office is open and we to verify the same, i.e. before 4pm on weekdays.

Payment Verification & Financial Security


We do not make false promises, we just give what we have in our flight booking system (Galileo, GDS, Worldspan). We also clearly mention that all flight tickets are subject to availability depending on travel dates. Be sure, airlines are our suppliers and we need some information to generate PNR (Passenger name record number) on flight booking system. We are not authorized to generate fake booking PNR. So, we need all required information to book your flights and we will ask you while booking a flight of you.  Schedule Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI) will be added to your invoice if scheduled airline flights are booked. For full details of the financial protection in place for your booking, please enquire at the time of making a booking.


For the maximum financial security of our customers, we have devised a foul proof and double check system. In this system once, the reservation is completed over the phone and the confirmatory email containing all flight details is sent to the traveler, the traveler is informed of the total cost of purchase / charged amount and requested to verify the same with her/his bank in order for us to guarantee transparency and precision.

Traveler/buyer may be required to provide secondary confirmation of total transaction amount as appearing on her/his statement or the authorization code of transaction. This can either be obtained through online statement check or making a call to the respective bank.

The exact amount (not a round figure but in pounds and few pence) must match with our records. In cases where the payment as stated on traveler “s statement does not match with the accounts records in our company, tickets cannot be issued (compliancy check failure).

Once the traveler/buyer confirms the total amount in exact figures (pounds & pence) and provided that the payment confirmed matched 100% with the company records / accounts, tickets are issued immediately.


In cases where the cardholder / traveler does not want to provide any or all of the above documents s/he may switch the mode of payment such as cash payment / bank transfer where no photo I’d or documents are required.

One may visit our office with all documents and in the case where s/he does not want to fax/mail the third-party card documents.

In the case, if satisfactory documents are not provided, our verification officer reserves the right to terminate reservation with or without cancellation charges applied.

The Payment verification and financial security procedure

Changes & Cancellation Policy

The following Changes and Cancellation policy apply to all purchase items / holiday / package / hotel / flight or other services with no regards to mode of payment or mode of reservation.


If, after a confirmation email/invoice has been issued, you wish to change your holiday arrangements / Flight reservation, we will do our utmost to assist you, however, 98% suppliers particularly airlines, do not allow changes and tickets are strictly NON-REFUNDABLENON-CHANGEABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE.

Any change to an itinerary prior to receipt of your final payment will be treated as an amendment.

Depending on the amount of work involved, each change/amendment will incur a charge which will not exceed £50 per person; in addition to any further costs or charges that we incur from our suppliers in making the alteration considering that the airline/supplier rules/policy permits the requested change.

If full payment has already been received amendments may not be permitted under the airline policy, under these circumstances, amendments can be treated as cancellations and the cancellation charges detailed below will apply. However, generally cancellations are entirely non-refundable (unless specified).

Please note that most suppliers, in particular airlines do not allow a name change / date change or any changes and may consider this as a cancellation with a 100% cancellation charge (where ticket is not utilized as originally issued).


Reservations are entirely non-changeable, non-transferable and non-refundable, unless specified. However; Changes before ticket issuance are regulated both in accordance with airline policy and company policy and should be discussed with the concerned agent as rules may vary depending on carrier/supplier. Changes cannot be guaranteed and will depend on an availability of seats/fares and classes. Also, Changes incur cost differences / penalty.

Once a change is requested by the traveler, any previous/existing reservation and fares are dissolved to make changes and therefore, if a traveler chooses to retreat, it is not possible to offer the same previous fare again, or older/previous reservation or seats on previously given/reserved date. Hence in that case, any fare difference, charges or penalty will apply accordingly to return to reservation on original data. In cases where the difference is not paid or agreed by the traveler; yet the change has been ordered, the reservation will be treated as cancelation by traveler and cancellation charges will be payable/deducted.

Name Change Before Ticket / Voucher Issuance

Please note as airlines strictly do not permit name changes at any stage, if you require a name change prior ticket issuance; it can be done only through re-booking of seats. As we are seller of special and promotional fares available for short duration and few seats only, it is possible that upon rebooking (for name change) same fare, same dates or prices are not available. Under these circumstances any fare / cost difference as applicable, will be payable by the traveler. Fares are constantly changing and mostly raising, therefore any fare/tax difference as applicable on date of name change / rebooking will be charged accordingly and payable by the traveler. However, if the difference is not accepted or paid, the reservation will be subjected to regulations as stated in section 6.2 headed “cancellation by traveler”.

Date / Schedule Change Before Ticket/Voucher Issuance

The date / schedule change requires to book the cheapest available or closest available fare or any available fare on the new/amended date. However, there may not be the same or cheap fare available on a new date or any date other than that reserved initially on request. Also, fares are revised every 24 hours and the airline may revise fares / or raise fares at any instance. Under these conditions, fare difference in addition to any date change penalty as applicable on new/changed date will be payable by the traveler. However, if the traveler refuses to proceed with the date change, after the change is ordered by her/him, the terms as stated in section 6.2 headed “cancellation by traveler” will apply.

Reservation Dissolution / Dissolved Reservations/Vouchers:

Please note upon ordering a Name / Date change, the details of previous/existing reservation are dissolved to make any new changes in your PNR / Record. Hence, one cannot revert to older reservation at same costs or seat availability may not remain open on same date, once changes are ordered and original reservation is dissolved to search for changes.

If the change or difference is not accepted (after ordering), the reservation may automatically incur cancellation charges considering that the former dates / reservation is dissolved already upon change order.

If the reservation or the fare expires or is withdrawn by airlines, clients may only opt for either alternative flights and pay for any difference in cost, or they may opt for a full refund. Please note that Debit/credit card surcharge(s) are not refundable since they go to a third party (bank/Card Issuer)

The name on tickets / vouchers should exactly match with the names / name order / name spellings & title as stated on passport or traveler documents. In case of match failure at any level, the traveler will not be allowed to continue or carry out journey and the tickets / vouchers will be fully non-refundable. It is the traveler’s obligation to ensure and provide the exact and correct details to agency/airline. Agency / company or airline is not liable for incorrect details of name / spellings on tickets / vouchers or where the confirmatory emails/calls for check are replied in positive by the traveler


Once the Tickets are issued, all tickets are strictly Non-refundable, Non-changeable and Non-transferable under any circumstances (unless specified).

Name Change on Issued Tickets / Vouchers:

Please note Name change on issued tickets is not permitted under any or all circumstances.

Where there is a minute change such as one alphabet correct, title correction (Mr. Miss/Mrs.), or name order correction (Surname / First name. title), very few airlines may show flexibility.

However, it is not guaranteed that travel will be permitted on such ticket and it should be directly inquired with the airline. The airline reserves the full right to accept or declines any such request or correction.

Date Change on Issued Tickets / Voucher:

All tickets are entirely Non-changeable, Non-refundable and Non-transferable unless specifically stated in conditions.

Date changes on issued tickets are only as strict as name changes, with very few airlines having the flexibility of one or two changes permitted at change penalty and cost differences payable as applied. Also, considering, if any seats are available for the requested change.

Strict date change penalties apply on issued tickets as stated in the airline policy in addition to fare/tax differences. Also, ticket may or may not be changeable at all. *Fare difference / revalidation charge will also be payable where applicable.

The number of changes / number of times a change can be made, nature of change permitted, cost and penalty or any other regulation is applied as stated in the airline/accommodation policy and can vary from class to class or type of fare/season or airline / supplier.

There may be a restricted time period during which a change can be made in a reservation, such as 48 hours prior travel or 20 days prior travel. Last minute changes may not be accommodated.

Changes on the day of travel may not be permitted or cancellations are totally non-refundable after check-in time starts or in some cases, on the same day of flight / reservation.

Expired Tickets / Vouchers:


No complaints, changes, refunds or corrections are entertained on expired tickets / vouchers.

* The name on tickets / vouchers should exactly match with the names / name order / name spellings & title as stated on passport or traveler documents. In case of match failure at any level, the traveler will not be allowed to continue or carry out journey and the tickets / vouchers will be fully non-refundable. It is the traveler’s obligation to ensure and provide the exact and correct personal details to agency/airline. Agency / company or airline is not liable for incorrect details of name / spellings on tickets / vouchers or where the confirmatory emails/calls for check are replied in positive by the traveler.


Should you for any reason have to cancel your booking you must give us a written notice of cancellation signed by the person who originally made the booking or is traveling or both.

Some tickets are non-refundable, while certain types of airline tickets (e.g. Apex Tickets) cannot be changed after a reservation has been made and any alteration request will incur a 100% cancellation charge. Tickets returned will be submitted to the respective airline, or their agent, for assessment.

As soon as we are reimbursed by the issuing airline or their agent we will forward a refund to you, less loss of deposit, applicable cancellation and/or administration charges. Please note that airline refunds on the part used tickets and the return half of the airfare are always less than the pro-rata rate and may have no refund value whatsoever. Refunds usually take 8 – 12 weeks but in certain cases may take longer or indefinite period such as Airline Bankruptcies. Please note, airlines are directly in control of refund matters, refund amount or refund date and the agency is only a communication channel, hence bears no responsibility for delays or differentials or airline actions.

Cancellation has to be applied within a certain period (24 hours to 7 days) and after a given periods cancellation may not be refunded or entertained. Also, documents, airline letters, passport or ticket copies/scans can be demanded to apply cancellations.

Any other cost/damage claims or any other amount other than the cost of tickets / paid value to the agency cannot be claimed through or by the agency and has to be claimed directly from the airline. The agency will only file, apply and follow up the tickets/voucher refund and no other claim whatsoever. The agency is not liable or responsible for airline cancellations or other actions.

The agency can only be claimed for the service charges (if paid/charged). Ticket costs/damages/ accommodation vouchers value etc. are to be claimed to form the airline/hotel directly under any and all circumstances. However, the agency will provide guideline, support, and follow-up is required for the “exact amount paid” claims.


In cases where a cancellation of flight/reservation is requested by the traveler, no matter what the reason there be, the airline cancellation policy as well as the company cancellation terms are applicable and can vary among airlines, fare types or season of travel *such as the minimum cancellation charges where the e-tickets are not issued are 100 GBP per reservation / per person (please check with your concerned agent as policy may vary with respect to airline/date or accommodation).

On issued tickets, the airline cancellation policy is entirely applicable where the cancellation charges are determined and deducted by the airline itself. *please inquire with your agents

Any remaining / outstanding balance is refunded between 8 – 12 weeks of cancellation of tickets, provided that if it is received at our end or if paid back timely by the airline. The refund is made in the same account (as charged from) unless specified.

Once the tickets are issued, the traveler and carrier/airline or accommodation is to deal directly and the agency is not liable to guarantee amount or time of refund, service, standard or operations of the airline. However, we provide complimentary services to apply and chase refunds with the airline/accommodation on traveler’s behalf. Where the refund of remaining balance after cancellation is applied to us, our consultants follow up the refund (if any) and the received amount is paid back into the account from where it is taken. The date, time and amount of refund depend entirely on the airline and its respective policy and the company is not liable or accountable in such cases.

In most cases, flight tickets/reservations can be entirely non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable *please enquire with your agents.


A traveler can be requested to provide appropriate documents/letters from an airline, where the airline cancels its flights before departure/return. The traveler should also provide ticket scan/copy or any other evidence as requested by the concerned agent/consultant.

“Airline cancellation” can only be applied for the refund within 48 days to 7 days period in order for the agent to file refund case. Refund claims later than the given period or evidence provided later than the given deadlines will not be entertained.

In case of airline cancellation, the airline may provide alternate flight options OR full / part refund (depending on conditions/route / status of the ticket). It is up to the traveler to accept or decline airline offer or choose refund/ alternate options. The traveler must contact the airline directly in these cases.

Once the tickets are issued, the total cost is paid to the airline and therefore the refund, status of a refund, time/date of refund, amount of refund, or any financial matters, claims or complaints are to be directly sorted out with the airline. The agency is not liable or has any influence direct or indirect on the airline offering or operations and bears no responsibility for airline actions. In case of cancellation by airlines (changes which lead to refund processing authorized by airline) shall entitle the passenger to the full refund of all such funds that the airlines pay back to us. This figure may differ from the original payment made initially at the time of booking. Ticket issuance and refund application are two separate activities and may be charged separately. In case the airline authorizes the full refund, there will still be charges applicable by us which will be pre-notified before applying for such refunds. However, we provide support, services, and assistance in applying for refunds, acquiring alternate options and in problem-solving.

Our agents can/should be contacted for the guideline, support or advice where the airline has canceled the flights or is not operational.

For accurate or immediate information on flight status, refund status, airline operations, schedules and airline refund, travelers/buyers are recommended to establish direct contact with the airline head office, nearest office or regulatory authorities. The agency does not control situation, effect policy or is liable for airline operations/actions once the tickets are issued. Hence, after purchase, airline/accommodation become the primary source of information and all terms, liabilities, and policies of the stated apply.


In the situation where the airline is non-operational, grounded, suspended, bankrupted or on strike, the available numbers of airline head office or air control offices should be contacted for precise information.

Grounded/Bankrupt or suspended airlines refunds may not be the same as in these cases the airline may be entirely out of reach and all offices shut down. The refund process can be very lengthy in these cases and bears no guarantee or liability of the agency.

The airline on strikes, in certain cases, may offer alternate flights or flights with other / codeshare airline or full/part refunds. However, the agency does not hold any liability for airline actions and the airline office should directly be contacted in these matters.

The agents may or may not have immediate or precise information where the airline is non-operational at sudden and no press release/notice is released from the airline or any governing bodies. However, airline phone numbers/contact information can be acquired and will be provided as available.



First class services are designated by the letters A, P or F and Business/Club Class by J, C or D. Any other letter usually indicates Economy Class or Premium Economy travel. Please inquire with your agent before ticket issuance.


Should any fare be designated provisional against an itinerary line, this means the airline, tour operator or hotel has yet to confirm the exact fare to be charged. So subsequently this fare may be subject to change.

Exchange Rates

If all or part of your itinerary includes prices quoted in a foreign currency the amount payable is subject to the rate of exchange in force at the time of final payment. Currency rates may fluctuate and cause a difference in final payment where there is a *reverse trip (departure from outside UK / Ireland) OR where the seller is based in country other than UK OR where the seller trades in a different currency than that quoted in price or where the seller is affected by currency fluctuations.


Scheduled Airline Flight. One flight on a regular systematic service operated in such a manner that the benefits thereof are available to the general public.

Scheduled Airline. An Airline operating Scheduled Airline Flights as all or part of its business.

Insured Person. Such Person who has booked a ticket or tickets within the United Kingdom for one or more Scheduled Airline Flights through the Master Policy Holder and who is named in the confirmation Invoice and/or deposit receipt for bookings relating hereto provided the Scheduled Airline is not bonded nor the risk insured elsewhere.

Insolvency. Where the Scheduled Airline enters into “insolvency winding up” as defined by Rule 4.151 of the Insolvency Rules 1986 or any statutory modification thereof or an equivalent formal insolvency process under any competent jurisdiction.

Net Ascertained Financial Loss. The amount paid by the Insured Person for the purchased price of the Scheduled Airline Flight on the airline suffering insolvency or where insolvency occurs after the tip has commenced the sum equivalent to the purchased price of the unused tickets on the Scheduled Airline suffering insolvency


Where the insurance was affected after the date of the first threat of insolvency.

Recoveries and/or refund from credit cards and charge cards.

As more fully defined in the Master Policy.

General Information

Please note that airfares are constantly changing and usually increasing. Very often there is little or no notice of these increases, but very rarely do increases apply to tickets already issued. It is therefore to your advantage to finalize payment as soon as you can after booking, and so reduce any risk of the surcharge. Please remember your deposit only secures the reservations, not the price. Through deposit, one ensures the availability whereas the cost may vary pertaining to the fluctuations in airline policies, pricing, tax, and currency. The airline reserves the right to revise costing unless the tickets are issued. Whereas schedules may also be revised after/before the tickets are issued. All passengers should check flight schedules 72/48 hours’ prior departure of flight (both outbound and inbound) by calling the airline and final payments are determined after the recheck of airline policy and pricing as at the date of final payment or full payment.

Airline Passenger Information Disclosure Act

Please note that airlines are now required by laws introduced in the United States and other countries to give border control agencies access to passenger data. Accordingly, any information that the airline holds about you and your travel arrangements may be disclosed to the customs and immigration authorities of any country on your itinerary. E&OE Please note that the details shown are stated Errors & Omissions Excepted.

Deposits and Balance Payments

When you make a booking, a deposit of £ 25 per person is required (plus insurance premiums if applicable). The exact deposit due should be confirmed to you at the time of booking and will depend on the services booked.

You may continue your “Reservation Account” through making weekly, monthly, part or final payment of your flightreservation. Once final payment is received, the total/net amount paid calculation, applicable total cost as on date of final payment, any fare/price difference or schedule revision (if any) to date / on the date of final payment, will be notified and differences (if any) are payable by the travelers.

Please note deposits are non-refundable.

Please note that all airfares / prices are inductive and the airline/accommodation or government / controlling body reserves the right to revise fares /taxes or prices at any instance in which case any applicable difference is payable by the traveler at the time of final payment or prior deadline/ticket expiry. It is therefore to your advantage to finalize payment as soon as you can, after making your reservation.

AIRPORT TAXES: Some airports will levy an airport departure tax, which is payable by passengers at the airport locally. Information on these charges is not given through our quoted fares.

If full payment is accepted at the time of booking, the deposit will be deemed to have been included.

Pre-Paid Taxes

Your tickets will show the pre-paid taxes known at the time of booking. If any Government Body, Airport Authority or Airline increases or introduces a tax this will have to be paid on occasion, even if it is after your tickets have been issued and the agency is not liable or accountable for any such increases/introduced charges.

It is not always possible to include all departure taxes on your ticket – in some cases, departure taxes must be paid locally and these are payable to the Government of the country departed and are non-refundable. Please check these amounts with the airline when you are reconfirming.

Where scheduled airlines are booked, Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance will be added to your booking.

The “prepaid taxes” as advised by the airline at the time of reservation off flights are included in the total cost of reservation by the agency and communicated at the time of purchase/payment.

The agency is not liable or accountable for any other amount charged as fare/airport tax or local tax at any other point once the tickets are issued.

Routings and Timings

Unless otherwise stated, the routing on your air ticket cannot be changed, once the balance has been paid. Please note that the timings of air, sea, road and rail departures are estimates only. These timings may be affected by operational difficulties, weather conditions or passenger failure to check in on time.

Flight timings are subject to change as a result of airline procedures and latest available times will appear on your final itinerary. Please note that direct flights can have a scheduled stop reroute.

Most airlines reserve the right to alter their schedule, destination airport, and type of aircraft. Such changes will not entitle you to compensation nor cancel or change your arrangement without paying normal charges.

Please also note carriers have conditions of carriage which will apply to you and which limit or exclude liability.

We do not make any arrangements if there is a delay at the outbound or inbound points of departure, neither we are liable for any such occurrence directly auctioned by the airline/supplier. Most airlines, however, do make provisions in such cases (dependent on the length of time).

In certain cases, Direct Flights may involve a “Ground Elapse ” meaning the flight will stop for a short time, however in Ground Elapse, Passengers are not required or permitted to go outside the plane. *Please note ground Elapse may not be mentioned on your itinerary.

Non-stop flights are different than direct flights as Non-stop flights may not involve ground elapse (unless required).

The route/destination of your itinerary is NON-CHANGEABLE whether the tickets are issued or not or under any circumstances. However, in cases, where an alternate flight time is available considering that the tickets are not issued and that the seats are available in alternate times, the change may be possible (at cost/difference as applicable on the date of change made). Please note in case of any or all changes the original reservation is dissolved refer to “Dissolved Reservation”.

Reconfirmations Requirements

Immediate confirmation from the passenger, on top of “confirmatory email”, is required right after the reservation/purchase. In case of delay in responses, the traveler will be liable for any differences/cancellation or changes that may occur in due course.

The traveler must make sure that s/he receives the detailed confirmatory email within 24 hours of reservation OR contact concerned agent/consultant immediately.

You must reconfirm all onward and return flight reservations with the relevant airline at least 72 hours prior to departure. This allows the airline to inform you of any unforeseen delays/changes to your itinerary, and provides the airline with contact details for you. Delays (If any) should directly be discussed and sorted out with the airline/hotel/service provider (car hire) as the agency is not liable for airline/supplier/ operations or direct services.

Special Requests

If you have any special requests (window seats, meals, drinks etc.) we will do our utmost to ensure that these are passed on to the supplier (airlines). We will also be happy to request pre-allocated seating where airline policy allows. However, you should note that we cannot guarantee that suppliers will accept these requests and that they, therefore, do not form any part of your contract with us.

Dispatch of Travel Documents / Tickets

We aim to send out your travel documents (Itinerary/vouchers) to you at least 10 days before departure unless you make a late booking or delay the confirmation of flights/payments. OR once you confirm and meet all requirements as mailed/communicated to you at time of reservation, considering the full payment is made and confirmed, the tickets/vouchers are issued and e-mailed ASAP (mostly 24 hours). In peak times this may not be the case. No tickets will be sent out unless final payment has been received and cleared. Travel documents (e-tickets/vouchers) will be sent on email as attachments and should be printed out or collected from our offices. In rare cases, where documents are specially required in post, they will be sent by Royal Mail Services (charges apply). However, we recommend that customers use Royal Mail “Special Delivery “, a similar service or a courier and these can be arranged provided that you cover the additional costs involved. We cannot accept responsibility for items lost in the post and additional charges may be applied to any documents that are reissued.

*A traveler must make sure that tickets are sent to him and that s/he is in possession of the E-tickets at least 24 hours prior departure and that the ticket at the time of reservation should contain all correct information (name/schedule/destination). In case of delay or no receiving of E-tickets, the traveler must contact the agent /manager immediately to acquire E-tickets or contact airline for confirmation or ticket numbers on basis of name/reference. The agency will not be liable for travel to the airport or any action taken without reconfirmation of schedule (48 hours in advance) or travel without e-tickets in hand or released.

Lost or Stolen Tickets/Vouchers

Should tickets become lost or stolen, it is necessary to complete a form of indemnity to be passed to the airline. Some carriers are then prepared to issue replacement tickets immediately but may impose a fee for this. Other airlines require full payment to issue replacement tickets and will refund the amount paid for the original documents at a later date. This process can take up to 18 months. We will charge an administration charge of £35.00 per person if we have to reissue your tickets, in addition to any charges applied by the airline or supplier concerned, should we have to reissue your travel documents for whatever reason.

However, in case of most E-tickets, they can be re-send / emailed to you immediately once we are informed.

If You Have a Complaint

If you have a problem during your holiday/flight, please inform the relevant supplier (e.g. your hotelier/airline) so that they can Endeavour to put things right.

In case if you are experiencing difficulty with our consultant/travel agent, please ask for the concerned Manager’s direct number/email I.D who will try his best to be your immediate problem solver.

You may send your feedback to the central Customer Services Department customer services info@ticketplanet.com.pk.

Also, in case of complaints where managers are not available or in the case where you are not satisfied with the outcome please launch your complaint at info@ticketplanet.com.pk our officer will get back to you at the earliest possibility.

At the time of complaint please always mention your name, booking reference numbers and other details. This will assist us too quickly to address your concerns and speed up our response to you. If you fail to do this, we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint and this may affect your rights under this contract.

Complaints and Customer Services are independent departments to support our valued customers and take a fair decision in the best interest of the travelers and the company.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance when making your reservation. In certain cases, cancellation charges, if incurred involuntarily, may be covered by insurance taken out at this time. We offer a comprehensive policy, which covers medical, and repatriation expenses, personal baggage and personal effects, loss or theft of money, personal liability and cancellation or curtailment charges. Please note we will not accept responsibility for any person who fails to be properly insured for their journey. Once the 14-day cooling off period built into the Insurance Policy has expired, we are not able to refund the insurance premium. This is a condition of the insurance company.

Passports, Visas, Health and Traveler Liabilities

Passengers must be in possession of a full passport and visas if required. Many countries require that your passport be valid for at least 6 months after your departure date from that country. OR that it should have at least 2 blank pages for the stamp. Please always inquire Visa/Transit or Passport policy with the relevant consulate or embassy as the agency is not responsible or liable for valid travel documents/visas etc. Also, please contact your local doctor who can provide immunization requirements for countries where vaccination card is required along with travel documents to board. Advice can also be obtained from DoH leaflet “Advice on Health for Travelers “. We can advise generally on Visa and Health requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you satisfy all applicable requirements in respect of passport, visa and health matters. We cannot be held liable if you fail to ensure this, and if as a result, we suffer any loss or expense because of such a failure on your part, you will be obliged to reimburse us. In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not behave in any way which causes offense or which risks causing offense or danger to other holidaymakers or which risks damaging property belonging to others. Hotel managers and pilots do have legal powers to remove unruly holidaymakers from their hotel and/or aircraft. Should this happen, we cannot be held liable in any way to you and you will be obliged to meet the cost of purchasing replacement hotel accommodation and/or air tickets.

Pre-Travel Advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit may have issued information about your holiday destination, travel, vaccination, security and visa information. Please consult or obtain reliable information from the appropriate department prior making any travel arrangements or purchase of tickets/accommodation vouchers or other services with us.

Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance

Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance will be added to your invoice if scheduled airline flights are booked (Please inquire from the agent as it may vary with respect to airline/destination).

Extra Expenses Incurred as Result of Scheduled Airline Failure

Any / All extra expenses are to be claimed from the “controlling body” i.e., airline directly in these cases. The agency does not bear the liability of any extra costs however, we guarantee our support and advice where required in making and filing claims, follow up or providing supplier/airline contact information (as available to us).